Level 8-9 Listening/Speaking

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About this Course

Level 8 focuses on basic English communication skills for high-intermediate English learners. Topics covered include critical analysis. Level 9 focuses on basic English communication skills for advanced English learners.

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Level 8 Course Objectives

• 8.LS.1 Associate causes and effects from a variety of sources.

• 8.LS.2 Brainstorm solutions, classify information, and determine the accuracy of information collected from sources.

• 8.LS.3 Deliver a 5-minute planned presentation with electronic visuals and proper citations.

• 8.LS.4 Deliver an impromptu presentation on class topics.

Level 8 Integrated Objectives

• 8.G.1 Produce grammatically appropriate sentences with modals of ability, possibility, permission, requests, necessity, prohibition, advisability, and expectations.

• 8.G.2 Produce sentences with noun clauses.

• 8.G.3 Produce sentences with quoted and reported speech.

• 8.G.4 Identify and produce adverb clauses of cause, contrast, time, manner, concession, condition, purpose, reason, and place.

• 8.RW.1 Respond to analysis questions on academic sources.

• 8.RW.2 Produce non-formulaic thesis statements appropriate to specific academic tasks.

• 8.RW.3 Produce a 3 to 4-page analysis paper over an extended piece of work (novel, biography, collection of articles, professional journal, short stories), with 2+ outside sources and proper citation. 

Level 9 Course Objectives

• 9.LS.1 Use quotations and reported speech to support oral arguments.

• 9.LS.2 Deliver a 5 to 7-minute planned presentation with electronic visuals and proper citations.

• 9.LS.3 Respond in complete sentences to impromptu open-ended questions about class topics.

Level 9 Integrated Objectives

• 9.G.1 Produce grammatically appropriate sentences using all verbs covered in previous levels (present, past, future, modals; active + passive).

• 9.G.2 Produce sentences with accurate article usage.

• 9.G.3 Produce sentences and respond to questions using true and untrue conditionals.

• 9.G.4 Produce grammatically appropriate noun clauses, adjective clauses, and adverb clauses.

• 9.RW.1 Produce plans for timely completion of an academic writing project.

• 9.RW.2 Produce an in-depth academic or professional project with at least 3 outside sources (business proposal, case study, research paper, etc.) that adheres to academic formatting guidelines.

• 9.RW.3 Evaluate information as effective or ineffective by evaluating bias, tone, purpose, and quality of research.

Learning modules

  • Week 1
    • Attendance

    • Attendance

    • Attendance

    • Attendance

    • Literacy Discussion CW

    • Literate/Illiterate Countries CW

    • Literacy Vocab HW

    • Literacy Video/Discussion, recap CW

    • Dyslexia Video/Discussion

    • Learning Disability HW

    • 8.LS.1 Cause/Effect EVAL

    • 9.LS.1 EVAL

  • Week 2
    • Attendance

    • Attendance

    • Attendance

    • Attendance

    • Attendance

    • History of Literature, Children's Lit CW

    • Accuracy of Information CW

    • Accuracy HW

    • Organization Presentation CW

    • Organization Presentation 2 CW

    • 8.LS.2 Accuracy EVAL

    • 9.LS.1 EVAL

  • Week 3
    • Attendance

    • Attendance

    • Attendance

    • Attendance

    • Discussion CW

    • Presentation CW

    • Presentation CW

    • Presentation HW

    • 8.LS.3 Presentation EVAL

    • 9.LS.2 Presentation EVAL

  • Week 4
    • Attendance

    • Attendance

    • Attendance

    • Attendance

    • Impromptu Speech CW

    • L9 Impromptu 9.LS.3 EVAL

    • L8 Impromptu 8.LS.4 EVAL

    • Literacy Next Steps CW

    • Literacy HW

    • L9 Final Presentation Final Exam

    • L8 Final Exam

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